Our Aging population

    "Oh I like it, sure. It's like living at home." That's what a guest says in the retirement home and the feeling Mary Davis strives for as she cares for up to a dozen senior citizens in her home, a big old brick mansion on Fourth Avenue furnished with antiques.

    Since 1983, the native of Ireland has cared for older residents. She cooks three square meals a day, and takes residents with her to the beauty parlor.

    "I love doing what I'm doing otherwise I wouldn't be doing it." Davis says. "You have to be dedicated to care for the elderly".

    Since taking over the retirement home 16 years ago, she says she has seen more older senior citizens in their 70s and 80s coming here. Census figures bear that out.

    Between 1990 and 2000, the number of Henderson County residents 85 and older increased by 60 percent, from 1,421 to 2,274. Only one age group, the 45 to 54 year olds who make up the middle of the boomer generation, grew at a higher rate.

    Long a haven for retirees, Henderson, Polk and Transylvania counties are older and growing grayer faster than the state average, accorging to census data. That fact will drive the need for more health care, housing and support for the oldest residents in coming years,  experts say.As people are living longer, more and more senior citizens find themselves widowed or otherwise living alone..........

Reprinted by kind permission of The Hendersonville Times-News   Sunday, November 11, 2001

Lovely Lady cares for people in retirement home

Dear Community: Having lost my husband June 9, I moved into Davis Retirement Home on Fourth Aveue West.

This is my way of expressing my thanks to the lovely lady that owns and operates "Davis House"- Mary Davis.

She not only gives me tender loving care, but also furnishes her guests three delicious meals a day and provides rides to and from doctors' appointments. She can take care of 12 guests(each with private rooms with bath).

Hendersonville is very fortunate to have a nice place like this to turn to in times of need.

Thank you Mary and Norman Davis

                                Hazel Bridges.

Letter to the Editor, Times-News   October 21 2001


..Davis House for Florida people "it's a treat , Hendersonville N.C. can't be beat!" If you need a perfect place to stay ... Davis House at 4th Ave. West is the right way! Lovely rooms with private baths at nominal costs. Delicious food and fellowship is not lost!

Come !!! Check it out!

Above written by Hazel Bridges a guest at Davis House .